About Us

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Brand Magic Lights
Number of Employees 51-100 People
Annual sales More than US$50 Million
Established in 2012

See It, Smell It and Love It.

There is something about how much joy a candle could bring to someone's life or better still how it could lighten up the mood in an occasion, birthday party or any celebration.


Magic Lights is a Professional Manufacturer that's dedicated to delivering quality products after carrying out research and production.  


Designing something comes with creativity, craftwork and an eye for perfection. We have employees that uphold each of these ideals in their day-to-day activities, and they make sure to take each job as a challenge, making it certain that you’ll receive the best there is to offer. It isn’t only designing that we do; we actually produce, delivery, as well as after-sales service. To be our valued customer. you’ll always experience our thoughtful service.


So wherever you are, you can get a feel for our outstanding products. Peculiarly too, is we do all of these under one roof.


Talking about designing, we have the birthday candle design patent… meaning what we produce for you, will more often than not be done only by us and no one else, because we could have a cause of action against anyone who may copy us. You are therefore assured of originality.


We have a dedicated team, and also shipping equipment(s)… what this guarantee is that your product will arrive at its destination in good condition, on time and perfectly packaged. Needless to say, the way we go about our business will be appealing to you.


There is no stereotype made candles for you, rather, we have a variety of self-made designs that you can choose from, it is at your discretion and we will listen to what you want, carry our research, develop and design something that’ll blow your mind.


Our services include candle designing, product design, packaging design, custom packaging sourcing, production, testing, and fulfillment. We also offer a large selection of candle styles, like numbers, letters, spiral, tapers, color flames and more. Reality is there is something here for you, something that you need and something you have to get.


Also if you are looking for cake decorations or party items, anything basically to light up that occasion you are planning, we are here to keep make you as comfortable as you ever hoped for.


R & D is one of our core principles, we always strive to make things better, and we adapt well to the ever-changing economy and worldwide demands. Coupled with this, each month we release a couple of new products to meet the market trends.


Diligence makes for near perfection in almost all outcomes, this is an attribute we have. Each candle from waxing, to melting, to pouring and cutting is created with the utmost care and precision.


There are regulations that we are part of, and being a party to this ensures that we exercise strict quality control in material inspection, working progress inspection, finished product inspection, and random warehouse inspection. This has earned us British Retail Consortium Audit Certificate, Ethical trade, Disney Manufacturing Authorization; The quality standards we have managed to maintain over the years has, therefore, earned us a good reputation as well.  


We support fair trade and ethically made goods, we are bound by this and based on this; our company has values that include contributing to the common good of mankind.


Enjoy life's beautiful moments with our products.




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