How to choose the best scented candles

The effect of different scentsROSEMARYRefreshing, enhance memory, relieves headaches.Tips: Patients with high blood pressure and pregnant women to avoid use.EUCALYPTUSIt is a natural cold therapeutic agent and also can prevent rhinitis.Tips: Patients with high blood pressure and epileptic to avoid use.CHAMOMILEIt can make body and mind calm. (Especially good for the the frightened person & baby.)FRANKINSENCEIt can clear lung, relieve shortness [...]

Candle manufacturing process (flow chart)

The types of candles There are many ways to classify candles. According to the purpose, candles can be divided into daily lighting candles (ordinary candles) and other candles. Lighting candles are usually white taper candle. Other candles include scented candle, color flame candle, music candle (for birthday),  and craft candle (like wedding candle). Candle manufacturing process Raw material Principal [...]

The Truth of Ear Cleaning Candle

Cleaning ears with candle ? Ear cleaning candle seems cool and you can easily find the ways to use it on Internet. But is that true we can clean ear (or eliminate toxins)  by using these  special candles? The truth of ear cleaning candle As using ear cleaning candle can't bring any vacuum suction, we [...]

How to Make Beeswax Candles In Home

Why Beeswax Candle? Beeswax releases negative ions when it burns. Pollen, dust, dirt, pollutants, and any other junk in the air all carry a positive charge, and that is how they can be suspended in the air. That is why the neutralized ions are sucked back into the burning candle or fall to the [...]

History Of Candles

Today let's talk about history of candles. Humans have manufactured and used candles for more than 2000 years of history. It was said that candle were already made by tallow as early as the 8th century BC.But it brings so much smoke when tallow candles burning. 2nd century AD, beeswax is found. Beewax candles have [...]

Must To Know Before Buy Scented Candles

Aromatic candles in aromatherapy is playing an important role.As a beautiful light source & heat source, it can create a beautiful atmosphere in a romantic night and bring a relaxed comfort when you in the bath. But most candles are not 100% natural even though the label notes "Aromatherapy". You are actually inhaling toxins when [...]